Radiant Strength Within
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 Hello, I’m Cassandra!

I am a functional nutritionist for women who feel broken and want to regain strength and confidence while balancing their thyroid and body.

Holistic Nutrition, Nutritional Therapy

My journey started in my mid twenties when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid condition called Graves’ Disease. Time and time again, I experienced a lack of compassion and understanding in the traditional medical setting. Frustrated with the answers I was getting, I went searching on my own. Not only did I embark on a journey of clean food but a journey of spiritual and emotional healing getting to the root cause of my autoimmune condition.

I combine my training as a holistic nutritionist with my personal emotional and physical healing experience
to support my clients 1:1 to breakthrough and regain confidence and balance their thyroid..


Nourishing your
strength from within


We might be a good fit if…

  • You are chronically fatigued and wake up looking in the mirror wondering why your body is changing - you notice your hair isn’t as full as it once was with more falling out daily. Your nails are brittle and your skin is becoming more and more sensitive. Some days it is relentless acne, others it is unexplainable hives and rashes that seem to pop up out of nowhere.

  • You are tired of pushing yourself hard, striving to live up to other’s expectations. You are struggling with trying to live the perfect life only to feel anxiety, cramps, bloating and that “ugh” feeling! You don’t feel like yourself anymore. You stay up way to late feeling wired only to use caffeine and sweets to get you through your morning. Your periods are irregular and you are left feeling overwhelmed.

  • You are either newly diagnosed or have been for a while. You have tried different doctors but they all leave you feeling discouraged. You have trouble getting through your day with a lack of energy, your brain just won’t stay focused, you spend your evenings googling, and you are paralyzed by information overload. You want to take care of yourself but the combination of zero energy and too much information has you unsure where to begin.

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