Nourishing Strength from Within

Radiating Wellness


In 2012, when my endocrinologist looked at me and said “what’s wrong with you? You do not have cancer!” I started to question conventional medicine. 

Sitting there in the exam room fighting back the tears - because then - I didn’t cry. A fire was lit inside and made me angry, sad and ready for something different. That is how my “real food” journey and my quest for wanting more got started. 

I started to research healing Graves' disease naturally and found a few similar success stories from people who healed through proper nutrition (and not the Standard American viewpoint). 

After a few short months, I returned to that same doctor and she was shocked to see that my thyroid labs improved drastically.  

I continued to use that "fight" to dive into non-fiction books on thyroid and holistic nutrition and I reconnected with a passion and curiosity for science. 

As I became a researching queen, I continued to do something else. Through all of life's hick ups, I tucked my emotions deep down inside and encouraged myself to fight through the situation. This was nothing new or related to Graves' it was something I did most of my life. I strived to be perfect and if I didn't show those more "vulnerable" emotions - well it was my way of protecting myself.

As my 30's were approaching, everything broke loose and unraveled in front of my very eyes. 

Through that, I found a different way to move through life and my health journey without simply tucking the hard parts away. 


Change is scary but growth is beautiful.

You cannot have growth without change.

Nourish (verb)
to sustain with food or nutriment;
supply with what is necessary for life, health, and growth.
to cherish, foster, keep alive, etc.


I support women through functional nutrition assessments such as in-depth symptom analysis and GI lab testing to help us gain a clear picture of their health and get to the root cause.

I empower women to make sustainable choices for their body so they can regain balance, confidence and nourish their inner strength.

Passion Areas: 

  • Improving liver health and function: key for detoxification, blood sugar, hormonal balance and digestion

  • Helping women breakthrough emotional blocks, coaching them through self-forgiveness and self-love to regain strength and confidence

  • Teaching women the tools they need to live a sustainable and healthy life working with their body instead of against it

Holistic nutrition for autoimmune thyroid conditions

I consider myself a lifelong learner so that I can best support my clients.

  • Studied under Sarah Small with Intuitive Development and Emotional Healing, 2017-2019

  • Attended two day workshop with Robert Waterman & Karey Thorne, Love in the Time of Chaos, Los Angelos, 2017

  • Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association, 2017

  • Personal emotional development with Jessica Flanigan, 2016-2017