are you tired of guessing over and over what Protocol Might be for you, only to be left feeling more desperate to get to The root cause of your symptoms?


If so, I’m glad you are here!

Limited Time Offer

All services packaged into a nice bundle for you!

personalized Nutritional therapy protocols

comprehensive gut testing to get to the root of your symptoms

emotional and lifestyle support

Available until April 30!


Are you experiencing?

  • Anxiety

  • acid reflux

  • unexplained mood changes

  • cramps and Bloating

  • changes in bowel movements

  • skin issues

  • headaches

  • hormonal imbalances

  • increased food sensitivities

This is for you if you are…

  • looking to dive into your health, get to the root cause of your symptoms, and get targeted results just for you

  • tired of guessing which protocol is best for your symptoms and want clear and direct advice for your body

  • reading about small bacteria overgrowth, underlying infections, h.pylori and Epstein barr virus and wondering if that could be the root cause of your symptoms and holding you back from healing


What you will receive…

1:1 personal support from yours truly

biweekly coaching calls to ask questions, provide feedback and specific suggestions

in-depth analysis of symptoms and nutrient deficiencies

results of comprehensive GI Map (Stool test)* and/or food sensitivities*

direct support for your entire body - symptoms, lab results, and lifestyle and emotional factors

Choose from 3 month or 5 month packages

My 3 month coaching package is perfect for women experiencing digestive discomfort and symptoms they can’t figure out.

My 5 month coaching package is perfect for women who have chronic illness and have been trying to heal + relieve their symptoms for a long time but seeing no or little improvement.

*Package pricing only includes the comprehensive GI Map lab test. The price is $345. If you would like the MRT food test, it will be an additional cost.


Comprehensive GI Map

  • Identifies levels of commensal and pathogenic bacteria

  • Identifies potential parasites, fungi, pathogens, and viruses,

  • Identifies potential problems with fat absorption

  • Pancreatic and immune function

  • Inflammation

MRT Food Sensitivities Test

  • Identifies possible food sensitivities to help heal gut and reduce inflammation

  • Identifies the degree of sensitivity of 170 different foods

What sets me apart as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist

I’m Cassandra

I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, holistic nutritionist, and energy healer specializing in empowering women to break through the plateau of healing, regain strength, and learn to tune into their body. I help women who feel broken and want to feel balanced!

What sets me apart

I love nutrition and getting to the root cause of symptoms which often means repairing the gut and eliminating the root cause. However, there are numerous practitioners out there that do that.

What sets me apart is the extensive work I have done to integrate emotional healing into my work with clients. I am passionate about digging deep into limiting beliefs, holding a sacred space for woman to be heard, and for diving into the connection between emotional and spiritual healing and your autoimmune disease.


I know what its like…

…to feel broken again and again - like the world is crumbling around you, your health compromised, so many unanswered questions and a longing for balance.

…to be told repetitively by doctors that there is no hope and that I simply need to “deal with it.” And that even when I balanced my thyroid, came off medication, and went into remission, doctors still pushed to remove my thyroid because I was “at risk” of it returning.

…to try a protocol like Paleo or AIP, that once worked but now when symptoms have returned that said protocol doesn’t even budge the symptoms and you are left feeling no relief. The ONE thing that helped me break through this roadblock was functional lab testing to give clear and direct information about my body taking all the guesswork out!

I don’t want you to ever experience the roadblocks I have and that is why i now include a combination of functional testing and emotional healing into my practice so that you can find the answers that will change your health and your life!

I have space for 5 women and

it would be honored to support you in your healing!

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