Working with me

My Speciality

Functional Nutrition + Energetic and Emotional Healing




1:1 Nutritional therapy Sessions

  • Complete analysis of your health history including in-depth review of current symptoms

  • Food journal assessment and guidance

  • Emotional and energetic support to help breakthrough blocks that are holding you back

  • Resources, support calls, and individualized recommendations

  • Functional gut testing coming soon

  • Initial in-depth appointment is $130 for 60-70 minutes

  • Follow-up appointments are recommended every two-three weeks $60 for 30 minutes


Intuitive healing sessions

The intuitive healing sessions focus on the emotional and spiritual side of healing. I work with clients to help them realign their chakras so that they can feel strong and confident again!

  • Discuss particular area of your life that you are struggling

  • Option of a short coaching call or detailed email with questions answered.

  • Sessions might include suggestions like affirmations, journal prompts and essential oils.

  • Benefits include feeling supported, reduced uneasiness, empowerment, and self awareness



The Strong Soul Series

group courses on hormonal nutrition

  • Backed by science video lessons

  • PDF resources, journals, and bonus materials around course topics

  • Live coaching calls with two Nutritional Therapy Practitioners

  • Facebook community and support from other members in the course