3 Simple Ways to Start December Strong

Don’t wait until January 1st

We have 31 days left of 2018 and during this time of year so often we find ourselves giving up. We say, I’ll just wait until the new year to get started. The increased number of holiday parties and sugary treats within an arms reach become an easy excuse to keep putting off our goals of getting healthy.

But this is one reason, those new years resolutions of yours never stick. You cannot put off your goal of getting healthier, improving your quality of life and becoming your best one more day! You have to start right now! The new year has nothing to do with it, it starts with your mindset!

3 Simple Ways to Start December Strong

3 simple ways to start December strong

  1. Dig into your why. What do you dream of doing but feel like you can’t because of your health? If your joints didn’t hurt, what would be the first thing that you do? What haven’t you been doing but really want to because your energy is non-existent? Pause for a moment, quiet your mind and journal. What would it be like if regaining your health was possible? And remember dream big! Feeling stuck? If you are new to setting real goals and are feeling stuck, it’s okay! You will love The Strong Soul Series course where we guide our members with video lessons and a detailed interactive workbook to help define your why and reinforce it every single day. This course will literally walk you through how to make your holidays the best ever + give you actionable tools to start taking better care of yourself!

  2. Do it for yourself! Good Lordy, the holidays sure bring out everyone’s opinions, don’t they? I know it seems impossible to start right now in the busy holiday season, especially when you’ll be facing your relatives and all of their questions plus the sugary treats covering the dessert table. But know this! You are working towards these goals for yourself and nobody else. Track your progress and focus on what you are doing rather than what you aren’t. Be proud of your commitment to your goals and keep going! Who cares what anyone says?

  3. Drink water and get quality sleep. If you do nothing else this December but drink half your body weight in pure water per day and get quality sleep every night you are making progress! Often times the simplest things can make the biggest impact. Not drinking enough water leads to dehydration which will make you feel fatigued and cause headaches. Staying properly hydrated will also help you curb the sweet cravings. So drink up! Getting enough sleep will make a huge difference too! Try to stick to a sleep schedule and be in bed by 10-10:30pm every night. Reducing electronics before bedtime, taking an epsom salt bath or wearing blue blocking glasses can help you be ready to fall asleep at bedtime instead of feeling wired.