3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Stop Meditating

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Once you start, Never stop

If you are mediating and have a routine in place, don’t stop! I promise you, you will regret ever stopping your mediation practice. Today, I’m going to share with you three reasons why I hope that you never stop meditating and creating sacred rituals for yourself as well as a few tips for starting out.

Beginning meditation

Especially for mediation, I believe you need to find your own way and find what works for you. With that being said when you are starting out it is helpful to have guidance from those who have experience in this area. - Shameless plug, I recently added intuitive healing sessions into my services and would be happy to support you.

One of the most valuable tools was learning how to connect with my breath and use it to move energy throughout my body. Another favorite tool I refer to often is the book, The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein. This combination really helped to give me some direction as well as tune in and get quiet. Within her book, she provides specific examples of mantras and chants to use and includes specific meditations. She walks you through what you need to do as well as reflections on how you may be blocking positive energy and feeling stuck in your life. Be sure to grab a journal and use it along with this book! I didn’t stop there though, I continued to follow my intuition, invest in mentors, study all of the books, attend workshops and continue to learn tools to help me go deeper into my healing. Here are a few reminders for getting started:

  1. Above all trust the process. Do not try to perfect it.

  2. Start out by focusing on your breath first and using this to build a strong foundation.

  3. At first, do not worry about getting your mind to completely stop.

  4. Invest in tools and resources to help you go further in your healing.

3 Reasons you should never stop meditating

Meditation reinforces your inner light

As a holistic nutritionist and someone who has dealt with thyroid imbalances on both a physical and spiritual level (hello throat chakra), I believe there is a need for woman to heal themselves not just with food but on a spiritual and emotional level. I believe that we have to “nourish our strength from within” and that is exactly what this practice of meditation and spiritual alignment has done for me. I find that often we go to food and clean nutrition first and then when we hit a healing plateau we tend to look on the inside.

When you embark on this journey, that light inside of you starts to light back up again and you start to love yourself on a deeper level. Who cares if you sleep with crystals under your pillow or if you follow the moon cycle. The truth is I don’t care what you call that little light inside of you or who you are connecting with God / the universe / love. But I do care that you start loving yourself on a deeper and more meaningful level. I personally believe that when I meditate I am connecting with the light inside of me that God has placed there. That when I’m in alignment, my inner light shines to the highest of heavens.

It is essential to heal on a soul level in order to live your most confident life. That you start to really peel back the layers of your beliefs of why you can’t do something and find the fear there. I care that you dive deep and find out your true life’s purpose. I care that you believe in that light inside of you and rediscover it so you can heal.

Why I hope you never stop mediating

Take it from me even during stressful or busy times in your life, I hope that you never stop meditating completely. Don’t worry, I’m taking my own advice here and I have learned this mistake myself. I have been getting back into the routine of meditating and speaking from experience is why I wanted to share this article with you today. Once you get started with meditation, I hope that you do not stop. And here is why -

  1. Mediating consistently keeps you grounded. What do I mean? Staying grounded is essential in today’s busy world. Often times we can feel spacey, anxious, and our bodies are very busy just going through the motions of the day. Sometimes we find it hard to stay on that diet or find ourselves back in those emotional eating binges - this is because you are not grounded. Meditation and breathing can help us feel grounded, rooted to the earth and steady throughout our day. We adjust to daily life happenings with ease, so when something happens in traffic or in the office we can let it go and it doesn’t impact our day. Being grounded means that you feel centered, confident, and focused. Because of this you will be better able to handle stressful situations thrown your way.

  2. Meditation helps you stay aligned and centered. As I mentioned when I was consistently meditating, I felt light and at ease. I do believe that we are thrown challenges to test us on occasion and during mid summer that was definitely my case. Even if you have to ease up on your practice a few days a week, keeping meditation in our life helps us stay focused. Always trust in your light and remember that you are supported.

  3. Meditation helps to calm you which can be so helpful for those that struggle with anxiety. If you have recently been diagnosed with Graves’ disease one of the big symptoms is increased anxiety. I would recommend that along with cleaning up your diet that you start incorporating a meditation practice into your day. When we are feeling grounded and more aligned, less stress is a result which helps us also reduce our anxiety. There is a lot less questioning of ourselves and as a result we are more confident.

3 reasons why you should not stop mediating