Lessons Reinforced from Nashville Girl's Trip

Nashville Recap, Part 1

For less than 30 hours spent together, with only 5 of those sleeping, the Nashville trip filled my soul in ways I couldn't have imagined. I'll be recapping multiple aspects of my trip over a few posts talking about releasing expectations, embracing life, food mindset, and living your life around food experiences. 

Lesson Reinforced: Release the Expectations of Others 

I recently returned from a two day trip in the heart of Nashville with my friend, fellow NTP and podcast co-host, Angelica Hodges. Prior to going, we had no concrete plans, no structured time schedules, and little expectations besides eating a lot of really good food. And to be even more honest, I almost canceled the trip at the beginning of August out of fear of the unknown, not surrounding our friendship but outside influences. Very thankful for pushing through fear and once again breaking through to trust everything being presented.

"Denying myself experiences
because of fear is a
habit I'm trying to quit."

- A Tribe Called Bliss

I believe I have mentioned before about planning perfectionism and how hard I have been working to transition into enjoying EVERY moment instead of perfecting what will happen next, overanalyzing situations, and instead flat out trusting that everything will happen as it needs too. And the trip didn't disappoint! 

Nutrition Business Trip to Nashville
When we focus on the pleasure of good company, holding a space for each person to show up authentically and to be vulnerable while expressing love no matter what, really great things happen. 
— Radiating Wellness

Soul Sisters

In episode one of Heart Centered Living podcast, we shared how we met and our distant connection that didn't feel so distant and how we felt like soul sisters brought together. I found it so intriguing that this trip confirmed that 100 times more. 

We had just left Frothy Monkey and were walking back to the car when we walked passed an abstract art museum with large glass windows and colorful paintings. I briefly thought, how nice it would be to stroll through there if we weren't meeting our photography and almost instantly Angelica said we should go to an art museum. What? Girl, you read my mind. 

The multiple connections, relatable experiences and passions spoke volumes. I'm so grateful friend - and I'm going to get you to karoke someday.  


Heal yourself.
Hold space for others.
Show compassion.
Build your tribe.

During my trip, I had the opportunity to meet with an old friend who I haven't connected with for probably 3 years. We met and immediately embraced each other with a hug. The conversation was easy and the atmosphere around us seemed to quiet and become non-existent. The waiter came back several times and I hadn't even glanced at the menu. We conversed that evening with our hearts and with a real understanding of where each has been. And for that, I'm grateful that together we could show each other support.

Through the uncomfortable, through the vulnerable - while removing judgment and bringing in love - we can change the world and create connection like you cannot imagine.

“...before you can make anyone else happy, you have to make yourself happy. I knew in order to free other women, I had to first free myself. This meant learning to make it a practice to check in when I was following my truth or when I was denying my soul the chance to express itself in every situation. I had to release the old expectations I had for myself and free everyone else from mine as well.”
— A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder