Slow and Steady: Winning the Race

It is so hard to believe that I have been an NTP for a year now! And it might just be me but I'm in awe of all of the changes and challenges, my husband and I seem to face in just 12 months. Will we ever stop climbing mountains or do we simply just change our perspective of those mountains? I'm not sure but I do know I'd rather move slow and steady with intention than hustle and reach burn out.

Slow and Steady: Year in Review


In the last year, I started my nutritional therapy business Radiating Wellness alongside being a Beautycounter consultant. We transitioned our lives from being mostly away from each other because of work to moving to a new state and started living in our tiny house. And oh the tiny house adventures we have experienced! From spending weekends searching for land to ending up transitioning to buying a house. Along with adjusting to a new city and new community. Continuing to work through my personal health journey, getting back to who I am, adding a lot more spirit junkie and hippie vibes to my life and keeping my mantra for the year "I trust my life" in my back pocket as we have moved through some bumpy transitions. Soul searching. Tears. Speaking my truth. Oracle cards. Journaling. Healing. Growth. And. So. Much. MORE

Winning the Race:


I choose to believe I'm winning. Is winning easy? Absolutely not. Is winning perfect? No way! I could sit and think of where I wish I was or go in that downward spiral of "should have" and "could have" and all the feelings of not being enough for a year. But I CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY. That would have been the old me. I have done SO much! The fact that I may have, possibly figured out this thing called BALANCE. Reduced so many feelings of not being enough. Taking a leap of faith multiple times. Trusting my bodies intuition and what it needs to heal, grow and develop. Developing a more loving relationship for myself. Eliminating the anxiety - the sudden panic and nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach. Confidence. Vulnerability. Putting myself out there. And again so much more. 

Entrepreneur, Nutritional Therapist, Wife & Dog- Mama

If you think running your own business is going to be easy. I'm here to tell you it is not as I'm sure many others would say the same. Not just the logistics of being a one-person show but all the limiting beliefs you need to work through to stop doubting yourself and be freakin' AMAZING!

Slow and steady will win me the race because I believe making intentional decisions in my business will make a big impact long term. The year has taught me what I thrive on and what being in the flow feels like. Will I continue to learn? You bet. Right now, I might even consider myself graduated from perfectionism and focusing on progress over perfection.

How am I winning?

  1. I am making progress in the right direction.

  2. I am setting intentions.

  3. I am creating the life I desire.

  4. I remind myself to trust my life.

  5. I focus on what is working.

  6. I admire myself and the process.

  7. I say "I love you."

  8. I express appreciation in bigger ways than before.

  9. I am more aware of my self-talk.

  10. I take time to feed my soul, laugh, dance, and have fun, however, I can.

Tell me how can you switch your perspective to a more winning one? Can you list 10 things you have won in the last year?