Non-Toxic Cleaning with Norwex

Norwex Floor System

Why I finally tried norwex cleaning products

I heard about Norwex cleaning products about a year ago. Honestly, I was hesitant. How can these cloths truly clean effectively without any cleaning products added? You might have the same reservations.

If you have been following my story, we recently sold our tiny house and moved into a small 1,300 sq foot home. Although small, still an upgrade from the tiny house.

I was ecstatic about having all hardwood floors except for the bathroom and kitchen, where there is tile. Living with a chocolate lab means managing dog hair. And honestly, he has done some serious damage to vacuum cleaners in the past with pet dandruff and hair getting stuck everywhere.

With a need to clean a much bigger area, I decided to give Norwex floor cleaning system a try.

Review of Norwex Floor System: Wet and Dry Mat

I love using the dry mat to keep up with the day to day hair and mess. I also use it before cleaning the floor with the wet mat.

No cleaning products needed, just hot water with the wet pad! I was surprised but my floors were spotless. You will be surprised too. My favorite part is no leftover little dust particles or hair clinging to my feet.


Keeping household cleaning minimal with The least amount of products

I'm not a believer of having all the latest gadgets or having one product that only has one purpose. I want to have 2-3 core products that can clean or be used for multiple purposes. In my opinion, these are the products I plan on incorporating into my home and kitchen or already have.

  1. Norwex Floor Cleaning System with wet and dry mat:
    I would recommend purchasing the rubber brush especially if you have pet hair or if you forget like me you can purchase a cheap rubber brush from the dog section at Target. It helps get the excess dirt, dust, and hair off of the dry mat a lot easier. In the future, I hope to get the tile mat to help scrub the grout in my bathrooms and kitchen a little better. Besides that, I have been extremely pleased with how easy it is to clean my floors.

  2. Norwex Envirocloth with Bac-loc Technology
    I have been experimenting with the travel sized cloth cleaning my wooden blinds, kitchen counters and bathroom. After loving it, I purchased two kitchen cloths. There isn’t much of a difference between the two besides the size. The microfiber ridges are perfect at picking up dirt and grim and leaves the surface free of little particles. Plus, I feel more confident that the bacteria and germs are being picked up and washed away. (We talk more about this in the interview below.) Whatever cloth you decide to get for cleaning I recommend getting the bac-loc.

  3. Norwex Window Cloth I tested this cloth out on my windows, mirrors and in my car. The result was streak free cleaning with no products necessary. Plus you can eliminate all those "hacks" of using newspaper and desperately trying to get perfectly clean windows.

Taking Care of Your Norwex Products

I wash my floor cleaning mats and cleaning cloths at the end of the week in hot water using a non-toxic laundry soap at the end of the week. Check the ingredients and make sure it is free of dyes, parabens, or synthetic ingredients. Ingredients in traditional laundry soaps with clog up the microfiber making them less effective over time. The dry mat can easily be used over and over throughout the week after brushing it with the rubber brush to remove dirt and hair.

Want to learn more about norwex?

I interviewed my personal consultant, Cerise Morris. We discuss my favorite products, why reducing chemicals is so important and Cerise explains the bac-loc technology. You can listen to the interview on iTunes or Soundcloud on the Heart Centered Living podcast or on YouTube.