Forgiveness is the Answer in Healing

My loving journey has been messy, complicated and has included so much forgiveness. But I'm still occasionally reminded there is always more forgiveness to be done. When I can tune into my body, listen to what it presents and send forgiveness to those places I am able to have more radical love and compassion.

Forgiveness and love IS the answer.

This morning, I started off my day with a pre-work ritual to help me get into my flow. My true authentic self. My soul's purpose of what my audience needs to hear. I reached for my smudge stick to clear the energy of my new desk. I pulled up Spotify and searched "10 things I hate about you." Pressed play. I want you to want me. The smudge stick soon became my microphone as I'm belting out the tunes. Dancing, jumping, and setting the intention for the stuck energy to become fluid.

Afterward, I sat down. Switched the music to meditation and got quiet. "What do I need to hear today?" With a grounding stone by my root chakra and tangerine oil on my solar plexus, I tuned in.


Forgiveness for radical healing

You know what? I have been dwelling on a few things. Almost instantly, you should journal. And so I did just that. At the top of the page, I wrote "I forgive and let go with loving ease." Then I preceded to write down moments that popped into my head and placed a small heart by each. Because everything has an intention. Then I went back and felt the moment. The emotions behind them. Then I sent healing, loving and forgiving affirmations to that moment. Not dismissing or covering up the feelings but allowing myself to feel and send love, compassion and forgiveness that way. I LOVE YOU.

My body still felt a little sluggish. A little tired but my mind and heart had a little more clarity. I started working and everything was flowing. My morning email sent. A card reading session completed.

Now what?

You really should help increase your production flow.Look up making your notes seemingly connected from your phone to your computer, helping you get more content out with less stress. Ok, cool. I didn't even realize I had an iCloud but turns out I did. And there in the midst of the cloud were photos no longer on my phone. I began to scroll them. And that's when it hit me.

Photographs: The eyes of my soul

Photographs have been one of the pivotal parts of my healing journey. They uncover feelings, emotions, and recreate the moment in my mind whether painful, frustration or pure joy. Now after being on my self-love journey for almost 2 years, I can look back and know it is okay to feel those emotions. If the tears come flowing, I know how to use my tools.

The tough times and using forgiveness

As I scrolled through photographs right before my relapse in early 2016, I looked at myself with a better understanding. With more compassion. I refelt the depths of my heart. I began to forgive myself deeper. I'm so sorry. I love you. 

Thoughts entered...

You were truly happy.I know you feel like you lost a little part of you. It's okay, you didn't know. But it's still there. You tried. You did the best you could with the information you knew. You wanted answers. You were searching for more. That was my birthday. Before that photo, I ate a whole bag of Halloween candy.

I'm so sorry it had to be this way. I love you.

After two years and investing in my healing journey with coaches and practitioners, the change I'm feeling is unexplainable. There are still bumps in the road, rocky areas, but instead of packing everything away I understand and listen to what tools I need the most. Healing on this deeper, soul level has opened my life up to my truest potential. My life's purpose. Anxiety and chronic worry is no longer there because I know how to dig into them and feel things out. I have let go of perfection. I am free.

Does this resonate with you?

Are you searching for more in your life? Would you love to say goodbye to chronic stress and worry? Goodbye to self-doubt?

I now offer healing coaching sessions to help you work through self-forgiveness, release old habits and empower you to find a deep love within yourself. Showering yourself with love and appreciation for doing the hardworking.