What if you had endless healing tools?

Reflection on healing journey

What if you had endless healing tools?

Endless tools at your fingertips to help support you through your autoimmune disease. Serve has a toolkit and a guide for those challenging times. Everyone's difficult times look a little different, some are deeper than others but we all have them. Autoimmune symptoms like hair loss, chronic fatigue, hormonal acne, or digestive issues. But also everyday life challenges like our careers, finances, relationships, and family. Mindset around healing and perspective of our body.


Yesterday, I was driving home from work and I began reflecting on my day. From the start of my day, my body felt a little off. Tired. Sluggish. It was an off day. As I drove to work, I took notice to the sun rising. The pastel colors and the heavy fog as the sun was pushing through. Even though the commute is longer, the nature that surrounds me is perfect. I appreciate every bit of it.

I held a compassionate and supportive space for myself. I didn't try to "fix" anything. I drank plenty of water. I got outside the office on my lunch break and noticed the misty rain. Without realizing it, I internally started to slow down instead of speeding up. As a result, the workday went smoothly. As I answered the phone, I showed up with an appreciation for myself. A cheerleader, a best friend.

Using tools to move inward

On the drive home, I reflected even more. Amazed at how far I have come. How my healing toolkit is automatic. How my body tells me where it needs support and instinctively I listen. Today, I'm not talking about nutrition or intuitive eating. Today, I'm talking about learning how to tune into your body and support it with things it craves (and not those sweet treats).

It becomes a beautiful and loving conversation with yourself.

Dinner tonight is going to be amazing and comforting. Satisfying fuel. Use coconut milk. Be sure to add a ton of garlic, that was really amazing last week. Then take an epsom salt bath and use that cedarwood oil you have been loving. Balance and support your root chakra. Say, I am safe. I am grounded. Above all keep listening.

You can have this abundance of healing tools readily available to you too.

"Not me." "I can't do that."

Did a little self-doubt just come in?

You simply have to choose.

Say yes and see what happens! Trust me I would have NEVER imagined that I would be so automatic, so tuned in and turned on to my inner true self. But more and more every day...

I am feeding my soul. I am listening to the inner child within. I am having fun. I am dancing and singing. I am trusting. I am creating my reality. I am supporting my world. I am creating a healing space. And when the world feels chaotic and unpredictable, I'm okay and I'm confident in the tools I have learned.

This is your opportunity

I want to teach you my most beloved tools so you can wake up and feel supported even on the sluggish days. 

You will learn the exact steps I have taken.

My favorite part of my journey is understanding that all emotions are acceptable. That crying isn't about weakness. Life isn't always going to be smooth. With these tools, you can get through anything.

YOU will ALWAYS have YOU! No matter what. Become your biggest advocate, your best friend, your cheerleader, your compassionate healer and your lover.

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