Our 300 Sq. Ft Modern Industrial Tiny House

Welcome! Our tiny house adventure takes place in an eco-friendly, 300 square foot modern farmhouse - that's tiny of course! Tiny house owners for 13 months and lived in the home for 3!

The Build

We picked up the shell from Tumbleweed Tiny Houses the Sunday after Thanksgiving (2016). With Christmas and family gatherings, a sister's wedding, plus other work-related events around the holidays, we built the house in 6 weeks. There were many long nights, tears, problem-solving, and frustration. But being someone that finds the good in everything - there were many good times. We were building a home. We learned the skills as we went. I learned how to use power tools correctly and he learned all the electrical and plumbing. I designed and together we added some creative touches, like the sliding barn door. Things did not always work out as expected and not everyone understood our choices. But we pressed on. Through it all, I like to remember the times of warm embraces and my husband wearing his hat backward looking like a construction hunk.

Modern Industrial Farm Tiny House

Modern Industrial Farm Tiny House

The Tiny House

The tiny house is built on an 8.5 x 26-foot Tumbleweed trailer. The shell was also built by Tumbleweed and modeled after their Roanoke design. We installed 12 Marvin and Marvin Integrity wooden clad windows in styles of double-hung, casement and awning to maximize the air flow throughout the house. The siding includes cedar plank boards stained with an oil based, transparent finish that penetrates deep to preserve and protect the wood. Metal accents add to the industrial farmhouse style. Grey metal siding wraps around the top part of the house with dark blue as the roof. Enter the home through a craftsman style dark blue door.

The interior has a stylish and modern theme of white walls and cabinets, warm wood accents and sleek satin nickel hardware, fixtures, and window accents. We were careful to make the design flow throughout the house to achieve an open, warm and inviting home.

We used Roxul unfaced Stone Wool for the walls and ceiling insulation. It is made of natural and recycled products and is GREENGUARD certified. I looked into sheep's wool but it was very difficult to find a supplier and the shipping costs were steep. The insulation we chose had a good rating, was a safer option and was very easy to install.

Modern Tiny House

Modern Tiny House

The Kitchen


As someone who enjoys cooking and since eating real food is a huge part of my life a bigger kitchen was important. We nestled the kitchen under our one 6.5 foot spare loft. It is beautiful and completely functional with its U-shape design. You truly cannot ask for more counter space in a tiny house! Plus, did I mention it has full appliances? A top of the line 1.98 cubic foot dual convection propane range, complete with 3 oven racks, 7 baking settings, a cold safety oven door and 4 burners. With real food comes a decent sized refrigerator. A stainless steel, 12.6 cubic foot refrigerator with top freezer and LED lighting. Plus everything in the house is energy star certified.

Tiny House Propane Range

Tiny House Propane Range

It might be tiny but we are big on style and storage. The two corner cabinets hold larger items like a Kitchen Aid Mixer, large food processor, baking essentials, crockpot and extra storage. One of the corner cabinets includes a lazy susan and stores clean eating snacks, paleo pantry staples and cooking oils.  With all of the cooking and recipe creating comes dishes! No worries, the tiny house has a decent sized one basin kitchen sink with a convenient drying area. So helpful! Under the sink, we added a pull-out garbage can and additional storage for cleaning products. A farmhouse hanging pendant hangs over the sink.


The Countertop

One of the biggest debated areas of the tiny house design. Everyone was hesitant as we suggested to build a wooden countertop but it turned out beautifully. To keep the tiny house low on toxins, I originally wanted a quartz countertop. With the kitchen located near the hitch and with us having to move the house, the husband immediately said no (and with good reason). Together we built the countertop out of pine and red oak. It is sealed with organic hemp oil. After curing, I then added natural bee's wax to further protect it from water and spills. This allowed us to avoid toxic stains and sealers and protect the wood naturally.


The Living Space

A small living space centrally located functions as the entryway, lounge, eating area, and office space. We have a drop panel kitchen table that can be expanded to accommodate up to 6. We simply slide the table to our two storage benches which also function as our lounge area. One of the benches holds our shoes with two boot trays to protect the wood. This storage bench is next to the stairs that go to the master loft which also makes a convenient backrest. Underneath the stairs, there is a large storage space for bigger items.


The other bench includes storage for various items including blankets. A large closet is located next to this bench which includes multiple shelves and plenty of hanger space. The bench cushion covers were sewn by my mom and can be easily removed and washed. The large ceiling height makes our tiny home feel spacious in this area. Throughout the main floor, natural cork flooring brings warmth to the space.

The tiny house is heated and cooled using a 9,000 BTU Innova ductless mini-split. It is located in the living space. A 3 blade ceiling fan with remote control, 3 settings, and an LED ceiling light circulates the heat and keeps an even temperature throughout the home.


The Bathroom

Behind that beautiful, custom-made barndoor is the bathroom. This barn door is my absolute favorite part of the house (well one of them). It is made of cedar, red oak and pine boards of varying widths. Yes, I know sliding barn doors are all the rage and now you can even find them at Lowe's and Home Depot. But when you consider the high price and cheap quality of those, why not get a little creative? I love the style but I also love that the hubs added his idea of making the trim pieces white! It was a team effort and it turned out beautiful. It is sealed with a lot of organic hemp oil.


Inside the bathroom, we reversed the style slightly but I was careful to make sure it worked with the house. Three of the walls are stained with milk stain and again sealed with hemp oil (we used a lot of hemp oil, lol). I did a feature wall behind the vanity in white to help brighten up the space. There is a large 36.5 x 19 inch white vanity with a single sink bowl. It includes under the sink storage, a small cabinet door with two shelves and a large bottom drawer. Seriously, plenty of storage!

A mirrored medicine cabinet hangs above with two farmhouse style wall pendants that match the kitchen light. We put an ultra quiet bathroom fan to reduce moisture, I believe it is by Panasonic. There is a one piece, 32 x 32-inch shower unit, a washer/dryer combo and a composting toilet. The bathroom is also where our water heater is located. It is an Eccotemp I12-LP indoor tankless water heater that heats on demand.


The Composting Toilet

We have a Nature's Head composting toilet and it comes with a vented fan. No, it does not smell! But if you are moving into a tiny house, it does require some adjustments but nothing too crazy. At first, it was really weird not hearing the flush sound to symbolize being finished. You do get used to it but every now and then I think "did I flush?" You also have to go number 1 and number 2 separately because there are two separate compartments. In our tiny house, we have plumbing run to the toilet in case we ever want to put in a real toilet down the road.

Splendide Washer / Dryer Combo

In the bathroom, we also have a washer and dryer combo. It has 10 wash cycles and 3 dry, autorun to wash and dry or to run each cycle separately, adjustable water temp, silk and wool cycles, prewash, extra rinse, low spin and low heat. Because it is a combo it does take slightly longer to do laundry but is totally doable. Washing one load a night really helps to keep the laundry manageable. I prefer to use the wash and dry cycles separately. After the washer is finished, I add my wool dryer balls and fluff up the clothes. Besides operator error at the beginning, clothes are relatively wrinkle free, especially when you do not let them in the machine. ;)

The Master Loft

A loft fit for a queen! The master loft includes a Live and Sleep queen-sized mattress plus 4 small IKEA dressers with 2 drawers each. There are two industrial pendants on a dimmer switch which is perfect for watching Netflix at night. The floors of the loft are pine tongue and groove and are stained with milk stain and sealed with hemp oil. The master loft is 10 foot x about 7.5 foot and has a small privacy wall.


The Spare Loft

The spare loft is a generous size and has three 12x12 storage cubbies with bins plus one as a book nook. There are two industrial pipe shelving units to for decor of books. Matching industrial pendants hang on the wall and match the other loft. Right now, the space is flexible and we hope to add a twin sized foldable mattress to make it more comfortable to hang out in.