Young Living Essential Oils and Seed to Seal Process

The Young Living Difference

Today you can find essential oils pretty much everywhere from TJMaxx to the grocery store. So why should you be careful where you are buying your oils from? Essential oils come from the deepest part of the plant essence and it requires several plants to get one bottle of oil. For instance, it takes Young Living 27 square feet of lavender to produce a 15ml bottle of essential oil. But this is only one little glimpse.  


Quality of Young Living Essential Oils

When purchasing essential oils you want to consider the sourcing, how they are prepared and how they are tested for purity. As an NTP, quality is so important to me across all areas of health and wellness. Why settle for the inexpensive item and end up spending more in the long run?

For this reason, I have decided to invest in Young Living essential oils because I believe and trust in the Seed to Seal process. So what does this look like?


Young Living's Seed to Seal Process

The Seed to Seal process includes a three-step process: sourcing, science, and standards. The first pillar of the process represents the sourcing. Just as the quality of sourcing of our food is important to our health, so is the sourcing of essential oils. The second pillar represents the science. Young Living continues to use the latest research and holds high scientific standards to ensure the highest of quality. Finally, the standards of a company include supporting local communities and using sustainable sourcing practices. Let's take a closer look to see what this means.


Young Living oils are sourced from corporate owned farms or partner farms that have met and continue to meet the extensive standards of the company. They select the farms with company standards in mind like respecting the local communities and sustainable sourcing. All suppliers are selected by meeting the following criteria: established relationships, seed to seal specifications, binding agreements, stringent testing and ongoing audits.

The distribution centers must protect the integrity of the essential oils too. They use best practices to test the products and formulate the blends. And to double check everything, Young Living uses third party audits to ensure the highest quality product for you and your families.


The purity of Young Living's products starts in the fields but it is proven in the lab. Using advanced testing procedures and state of the art equipment they take yet another step to protect the quality of the essential oils. Not only does the company test in house but they send to two different independent and accredited testing facilities. Continued science and research gives them opportunities to learn about purity standards and hold the bar at the highest expectation. Young Living currently excludes 20 potentially dangerous additives from their products.


You can find out more about The Seed to Seal process here.

My experience using Young Living essential oils

I started out using them for DIY cleaning to help eliminate toxins in my home but now use them endlessly. As I continue to keep my thyroid hormones in check, essential oils have helped me meditate peacefully, connect to my inner self without distractions, and get a good night's sleep! Their pure fragrance has filled my home and my laundry.

Another bonus is a little goes a long way! Because of Young Living's strict standards and testing, you no longer have to dump half the bottle in your diffuser. Three to four drops will do! The purity is perfect for creating DIY roll-ons and blends. You can mix with fractionated coconut oil and extend the life of your bottles.